What does cuckold mean?

There’s a good chance you’ve heard the term “cuckold” before, But what does cuckold mean? How much do you actually understand about what it implies, though?

I had this nebulous notion that a cuckold was a man deserving of ridicule before I really looked into the phrase and everything that it has historically meant (and all that it means now).

In reality, what it means to be a cuckold now is significantly different from what it meant when the term was originally used.

Let me share what I discovered about cuckolding and cuckold culture with you.

So what actually is a cuckold?

The definition of “cuckold” in its original form is quite dated.

Originally, a cuckold was a mistreated husband of an adulteress wife.

In fact, cuckold is so old that it may almost be considered extremely ancient. The Owl and the Nightingale, a satirical poem, contained the phrase for the first time in 1250.

So why cuckold?

The cuckoo bird, notorious for depositing its eggs in other birds’ nests, is the source of the name. However, in this instance, a wife is laying with a guy who is not her husband, not eggs.

It doesn’t really track, but let’s deal with that now.

The idea that the husband is unaware that his wife is deceiving him is a key component of this description. This definition says that to call a guy a cuckold is to insult him. He’s not only an idiot for failing to see that his wife is cheating on him; he’s also not “masculine enough” to stop his wife from leaving him (because that’s how it works, eyeroll).

In the traditional sense of the word, “wearing the horns” or “he’s wearing the horns of a cuckold” is another expression you’ll frequently hear used with “cuckold.”

Discuss using many metaphors.

When someone uses this phrase, they are alluding to stags’ mating behaviours. You know, because male stags use their horns to battle one another so they may win a beautiful female deer. I know, it’s quite odd.

Let’s just say that, luckily, slang has evolved significantly over time.

Cuckolding, What is cuckolding?

It’s a sexual perversion that many people genuinely enjoy: cuckolding.

Today, the term “cuckold” is still used, although it’s less amusing. The term is most frequently used to describe a sexual fetish.

When a man and his partner enjoy sexual gratification from a woman having sex with men who are not her spouse, this behaviour is known as “cuckolding” or “cucking.”

Her boyfriend is frequently “forced” to witness his wife or partner cheating.

It’s a fetish that develops from a masochistic enjoyment of being humiliated, like many others. In this sense, the BDSM kink universe includes cuckolding as a subcategory.

Men who self-identify as cucks find the aspect of escape from the constraints of their daily life intriguing, much like with many other quirks.

I spoke with a cucking fan named Dave (not his real name) for this article, and he said that it was a stress reliever.

The concept that I’m not a good enough guy for her or that she has wants I can’t satisfy really gets me going, he admits. “I know my wife loves me, and I know she’s not going away,” he says.

It is atavistic, he said. “Like, I guess my job as her spouse is to provide for her and make her happy, right? However, those expectations are completely ripped away when I cuck. It’s a high unlike any other.

But Dave had some wise words to share: “Don’t attempt it until you know it’s for keeps. You can’t change the fact that she had sex with another man.

Cuckolding and hotwifing are both used to describe cuckolding

Like hotwiring an automobile, for example however with a wife.

Cuckolding is still mostly kept a secret, in contrast to many other sexual obsessions (50 Shades, for example) that have gained wider acceptance in society.

Despite this, it’s still a very common desire, apparently (and maybe more so?) in Hollywood.

Tiger Woods is rumoured to have fantasised about finding her having sex with two other guys when he got home in a letter to his mistress.

Female cuckolds, also known as cuckqueans, are a real phenomenon

Of course, women who like watching their partners have sex with other people are given an equal nickname.

Their name is a cuckquean.

Less study has been done on the feminine side of cuckoldry because most cuckqueans are female. No doubt.

(Pause while I raise my fist at the heavens for not treating female sexuality fairly in science and psychology.)

However, it doesn’t take much searching online to realise that cuckqueans are rife.

Many submissive women enjoy the thought of seeing their boyfriends have sex with other women. It’s the ultimate gift and sacrifice, and every submissive in a BDSM relationship want to receive it.

Furthermore, being a cuckold or cuckquean does not always apply to only heterosexual people.

This especially racy and fulfilling sexual obsession is enjoyed by gay and lesbian couples as well (and often is).

The fact is that modern-day cuckolds are not cowards, wimps, fools, or any other disparaging terms.

Men who have discovered a certain sexual obsession that makes them happy and appeals to them are cuckolds.

They shouldn’t be publicly humiliated because they aren’t harming anyone.